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Lake Arrowhead Church is located in a beautiful lakeside community surrounded by tall trees and rolling hills and committed to the word of God and being the family of God.

Christmas Series

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS . . .  - Regardless of what your childhood was like, I believe one reason everyone looks forward to Christmas is because all of us are longing for something. We’re longing for a feeling, a feeling we experienced when we were young or maybe a feeling we never experienced. I believe all of us long for something deeper, something that doesn’t come wrapped in a box with a bow on top. All of us want to be loved, and we want to be close to those we love. We long for joy. We want to be happy, because maybe last year was not so happy. We long for peace, for some relief from our problems. And with New Year’s tied to Christmas, we long for hope. We hope next year will be better than last year.
Think about that list. Love, joy, peace, hope. Again, those things don't come wrapped in a box with a bow on top. But we know where to find them. In the Christmas story. Because Christmas is the gift of true love, joy, peace, and hope.

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