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Lake Arrowhead Church is located in a beautiful lakeside community surrounded by tall trees and rolling hills and committed to the word of God and being the family of God.

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THEOLOGY - What determines what you believe? Culture? Science? Opinion? The Bible? Each of these influence us in some way. But when it comes to theology, to what we believe about God, what influences us the most? Too often, cultural trends and personal opinion shape what we believe more than we think. Too often people say, “In my opinion …” or “I can’t believe in a God who …” That’s theology by opinion. If what we believe about God is important, and it is, then we must get it right. In a day when the Bible is viewed as obsolete and theology is diluted even in the church, it is critical that we understand and embrace what God says about Himself, about us, and about the world in which we live. Many things shape what we believe, but the Bible must have the final say. The truth of God’s word must determine what we believe and shape how we live.

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